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Modeling the color of a dye

The box model can be used as a simple model describing the energy levels of dye molecules. Just as a rope as a standing wave can only take certain wavelengths, for an electron confined in a molecule also only certain wavelengths exists.

Since the energy of an electron is related to its wavelength, there are also only certain energy levels (quantization of energy). Light is absorbed when the energy of the light corresponds to the energy difference between two energy levels. 

students record n=5

A simple model for chemical bonding

The box model, which considers only the kinetic part of the electronic energy, can be used to illustrate a simple model for chemical bonding. This model can be used to demonstrate the energy reduction when a bond is formed, as well as the probability density distribution of the atomic and molecular orbitals.

The videos show the creation of the probability density distribution. In each fictitious measurement, a position of the electron is represented by a point. The probability to find an electron at a certain place is given by the square of the electronic wave function.


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